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Heating Without Loss
ZPU JOŃCA Sp. z o.o.
A diffusion barrier along the entire length of the pipeline
Winner of many awards and honors


Our company in 2005-2007 was qualified as a supplier of heating pipes for large European customers, such as German Vattenfall, Italian AES Turin and Milan, Dutch ENECO. We have also gained the recognition of important organizations and technical institutes - for example: the French CSTB, the German MPA-Hannover. This has always been done by passing a series of tests and tests for products and checking the requirements of the quality control system. 

Despite the above recognition, the expansion of foreign sales, gave rise to the need to extend the qualifications of our products to applications with a larger number of recipients, without going through long-term research for separate end customers. Such possibilities are given to product certification by EuroHeat & amp; Power, stating compliance of products with EN253 and EN448 standards and strict quality control. Euroheat & amp; Power is an organization and a lobby whose members are the largest producers of heat and products for heating. It unites 24 organizations in individual countries as well as service providers and producers as well as renowned research centers from 32 countries.

The certificate issued by EHP is recognized and recognized by all recipients of heating products in Europe and other countries, such as Canada.

The process of applying for the EuroHeat & amp; Power began in April 2008, by submitting
in the EHP's Brussels headquarters of our application.

The next step was the selection of a research institute, we decided on the most prestigious Swedish Institute of Technical Research from Gothenburg..

The first phase of the tests was to subject the generic analysis of our samples to a laboratory in Sweden - aging tests, physicochemical properties analysis, among others:

  • PEHD shielding pipes
  • PUR foam
  • pre-insulated pipes
  • fittings

An important and important element of the EHP certification control was the inspection of our Plant made by representatives of the Institute of Technical Research from Gothenburg..

Planned activities ensure:

  • The production process was controlled at many angles of compliance with the requirements of the above mentioned standards as well as strict EHP requirements
  • Wybrane w sposób losowy z naszego składu magazynowego produkty sprawdzano w szczegółowej kontroli
  • The products selected randomly from our warehouse stock were checked in a detailed inspection
  • The quality control system was thoroughly analyzed

As a result of many tests and analyzes, a report was issued at the end of November 2008, highly evaluating the quality of our products. The immediate effect of the positive opinion was the issue of the EuroHeat Power Certificate in December 2008

This certificate requires annual control tests, which will be carried out with the same meticulousness, which will ensure the highest quality of our products.

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The pre-insulated products of the ZPU Międzyrzecz system have:


  • National technical evaluation IBT-CAT-2018/0445 release 2 "Pre-insulated pipes, fittings, valves and compensators and teams connector system ZPU Międzyrzecz to the underground and above-ground heating networks" issued by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw with the expiration date and 3 May 2023.
  • National technical assessment ITB-KOT-2018/0446 release 1 "Pre-insulated pipes, fittings, fittings and compensators, and ZPU Międzyrzecz DUO connectors for underground heating networks" issued by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw, valid until June 29, 2023.

Design, development, production, delivery, installation of ZPU Międzyrzecz pre-insulated pipes and fittings for underground heating networks, is covered by quality and environmental management systems that meet the requirements of PN - EN ISO 9001: 2015 and PN-EN ISO 14001: 2015.

Confirmation of meeting the requirements contained in the above standards is granted by the Polish Research Center
and Certifications in Warsaw, CCERTIFICATE OF QUALITY SYSTEMS AND  ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT NR JS -96/9/2021 with expiry date until 14/09/2024



Obtaining and maintaining the quality of the manufactured product or service, so that in   how to permanently meet the identified or anticipated needs of the buyer, gain the trust of the buyer that the intended quality of the supplied   the product or service is achieved.


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Having an ISO 14001 certificate means that the organization of the plant has reached such a level that all activities from the stage of raw material supply, production of goods to delivery of products, installation after service are systematized, planned and documented in order to meet all contractual quality requirements of each client.

Planned activities ensure:

  • periodic verification of suppliers in terms of the required quality of goods delivered for the production of pre-insulated products,
  • analysis of detected non-conformities, the reasons for their occurrence and the introduction of corrective actions, eliminating the possibility of their recurrence, (KJOD protocol, missing sheet - description of the procedure),
  • verification of each individual order to ensure that all customer requirements are met,
  • marking procedure for pre-insulated products and traceability to ensure that only checked
    and approved elements are subject to further processing and sale,
  • meeting all specified quality requirements,
  • quality control at all stages of production of pre-insulated products, starting from the delivery of materials, through inter-operational inspections, on the control of finished products,/li>
  • control and supervision of measuring and research equipment, regular calibration   and   legalization of   Equipment   measuring
  • a systematic and regular improvement of the quality assurance and control system.


By approving a quality system compliant with the ISO 14001: 2015 standard, the recipient's basic expectation is met that the company is capable of providing the required level of quality as well as consistent     maintenance     High    quality,   Minimizing the risk of dissatisfaction
from products or services as well as our company's readiness for quick actions related       possible     complaints.  

In connection with the Quality Assurance System implemented, you receive pre-insulated products at the lowest possible price and       quality,     which   not   raises     questions     recipient.  

Quality management system in ZPU JOŃCA Sp. z o.o. & nbsp; is designed to meet your needs
and  expectations of our customers. The quality system developed in this way is   an effective management tool for optimization and   Control   quality     respect     risk   cost   and   benefits.


  • Tests carried out at the factory:
    Tests of materials and products are made according to the schedule.
  • Examinations performed outside the factory.

ZPU JOŃCA Sp. z o.o. systematically commissions studies of materials for production and testing of finished products for testing in independent research units. These are units such as:

  • Poznan University of Technology,
  • Veolia Heat-Tech Center Research Laboratory accredited by PCA, Warsaw
  • Materials Testing Institute for Materials in Engineering and Plastics at the Institute of Materials Science, University of Hannover,
  • Welding Technique - Poznań,
  • TEST - Laboratory of Material Testing   - Gorzów
  • SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
  • IMA Drezno