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Heating Without Loss
ZPU JOŃCA Sp. z o.o.
A diffusion barrier along the entire length of the pipeline
Winner of many awards and honors

About Our Company

A well-known producer 

Production and Service Plant ZPU JOŃCA Sp. z o.o. is a well-known manufacturer of preinsulated pipes on the Polish market. The company's offer covers designing, production, delivery and maintenance of system ZPU Międzyrzecz preinsulated pipes and fittings for heating, usable hot water and steam systems, and technological pipelines for industry in the scope of diameters DN 20 - 1200.
ZPU Międzyrzecz preinsulated pipes and fittings constitute a joint construction consisting of a steel line pipe located centrally inside a casing pipe of rigid polyethylene (high density PEHD) and thermal insulation made of polyurethane foam (PUR) filling the space between pipes.



Confirmed quality

The plant has QUALITY AND ENVRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CERTIFICATE NO. JS-96/5/2012 with an expiration date on 19/11/2015 granted by the Polish Centre of Research and Certification, which is a continuation of ISO 9002 Certificate granted in 1996.
Preinsulated products manufactured by the plant meet all requirements of Polish standards PN-EN 253, PN-EN 448, PN-EN 488, PN-EN 489, and technical approvals no. AT-15-8610/2011 and AT-15-877/2012 granted by Building Research Institute in Warsaw. 
Production is carried out in the production halls belonging to the company in Międzyrzecz in lubuskie province.
Job seniority of more than ten years, experience acquired by the employees, procedures of quality management applied, and the production potential are a guarantee for offering high-quality preinsulated products.


Fast reaction

dostawaIt is worth mentioning that the plant realizes deliveries in short time and comprehensively, which enables efficient and fast building of heat distribution pipelines. At the same time, the company reacts immediately to any additional orders placed during the pipeline building. Also all untypical orders are realized - those which are not covered by the product catalogue.


Certified materials

In preinsulated pipes manufactured by Production and Service Plant ZPU JOŃCA Sp. z o.o. certified steel seamless pipes according to PN-80/H-74219, grade of steel R-35 or according DIN-1629, grade of steel St-37, or according to PN-EN-10216-2, grade of steel 235 GH or certified steel pipes with seam according to DIN-1626, grade of steel St-37, or according to PN-EN-10217-2, PN-EN-10217-5 grade of steel P 235 GH, are used as line pipes.
rury_ofirmieIn case of using pipes to transfer usable hot water - steel galvanized pipes according to DIN-2444 are used.
All pipes used in production have metallurgical certificate for parameter compliance with standard requirements.
In a preinsulation technological-preparatory cycle, steel pipes are cleaned by means of shot peening, which significantly increases adhesion of polyurethane foam with a steel pipe.
Rigid polyurethane (PUR) foam is thermal insulation, meeting all standard requirements PN-EN 253 and AT/96-01-0049-94.
Rigid polyethylene PEHD pipes, according to standard PN-EN 253, galvanized sheet pipes according to PN-81/H-92125, coiled spirally (SPIRO type), aluminium sheet pipes manufactured according to PN-87/H-92833, are used as casing coat depending on needs. Polyethylene pipes used to improve adhesion of polyurethane PUR foam with a casing coat are activated by means of electro-crowning method. Reputable national and foreign companies, ensuring highest quality, are suppliers of materials and resources assigned to production of preinsulated products.

Glimpse into the future

Taking care of high-quality production, as well as competent and complex dealing with deliveries, the company in the current situation is conducting a few large investment projects, which are supposed to improve the offer and production possibilities. 
    Production and Service Plant ZPU JOŃCA Sp. z o.o. would like all interested parties to contact us, direct queries and questions relating to our offer on the address given on our website in CONTACT section.